RTI Request is Not Being Answered?

What to do If an RTI Request is Not Being Answered? 2020

Each state has its own policy when it comes to implementation of the RTI Act 2005 and it is not necessary that the policy of one state will be exactly similar to the policy of another.

onlinertiapply If your RTI application concerns the problems that affects only your state and if you haven’t received any reply from the authorities to which your RTI application was addressed, you can submit a First Appeal to the authority.

If you don’t get any reply after filing a first appeal, you must approach the State Information Commission.

However, if the State Information Commission also fails to reply to your application, you can approach the State High Court and NOT the Central Information Commission.

The CIC will be involved only if the RTI query was sent to central government department.

A Small Example

Suppose there has been a road construction going on for months in your locality. It is a great obstacle to anyone travelling or passing by that road. In this case you must submit an RTI Application with the Municipal Corporation.

If they don’t respond to your RTI application, a first appeal can be made to the Appellate Authority. If that too remains unanswered, you can approach the State Information Commission. Even then if there is not satisfactory response, approaching the high court is the options and not the CIC.

This is because the road concerns is not a matter of the Central Government. Thus, it is a matter of the State, and the Central Information Commission will not interfere in a State matter.

Hope we have been able to clear your doubts and explain the role and importance of the Central Information Commissioner and his department.

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